‘Electrodynamic Waves’ by Brian Whittaker

This is my first privately published book.  Previously as a career scientist I authored or co-authored many scientific papers that were published in leading science journals, or published in the form of unclassified internal reports available from H.M. Stationary Office. I also contributed to two textbooks. The publication process was very easy, I merely handed […]

‘The Remarkable Journey of Mr Prins: WWII, Jewish Refugees and the Bath-Alkmaar Friendship’ by Aletta Stevens

Yes, you CAN self-publish in a crisis! This is my second book and my first self-published book. The reason for choosing to self-publish was that I was on a tight schedule to get this book out for VE Day to commemorate 75 years since the end of WWII. I did not have time to approach […]

‘Rosie’s Gift’ by Beverley Joughin-Robson

This is the second book I have had published by Self-Publishing Partnership. My first book was a collection of poems called, ‘Life’s Journey through Poetry.’ This is my first novel. Written from a selection of memories, my mother’s, some from my childhood and some as a parent, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing it. Through some […]

‘Wildlife Encounters-Southern Seas and Shores’ by Nicolette Scourse

“This is my fourth book – my second with SPP. It is hard to describe the joy and satisfaction of first seeing and handling the beautiful cover, which encapsulates the soul of the book. Then opening, flipping through the pages that please – to see well placed drawings aligned to their accompanying text, sustaining interest, […]

‘From Hell Island to Hay Fever’, Dr William Frankland dies aged 108.

Dr William Frankland sadly passed away on 3rd April 2020. His fascinating life and incredible work with hayfever patients are told in his biography ‘From Hell Island to Hay Fever.’ Below is a BBC News article covering his history. “Dr William Frankland, a British immunologist who transformed the world’s understanding of allergies, has died aged […]

Self-Care Tips by Helen Lewis, SPP Marketing & Promotion Associate

Five Tips For Self-Care During Self-Isolation Tips from the author of My Super-Compact Self-Care Script, pilates and yoga trainer, Neeta Oza (www.neetafitness.com) Books by Neeta Oza, published by Hashtag Press (www.hashtagpress.co.uk), available to buy online in all major bookshops: My Super-Compact Self-Care Script My Fun-Filled Fitness Folio My Mini-Micro Mindset Manual My Back-to-Basics Business Bible […]