‘Miracles’ by Marguerite Coutinho

I have always loved books even as a child. I used to rush to the bookshop to buy books whenever I got my pocket money, and I thought I would love to write a book someday, perhaps when I retire. 

So, I wrote “Miracles”, a partly factual and fictional version of the gospel accounts of the miracles that Jesus performed involving children. Once I had an idea of what the book was going to be like, I didn’t take long to write the manuscript and once it was ready, sometime in April 2022, I started sending it to several publishers. I received rejections from some, while others wanted to charge me a lot to publish the little book. So, I kept trying many more publishers for a whole long year, until this April, when I chanced upon Self-Publishing Partnership, and they agreed to publish my book for a very reasonable sum, allowing me to pay in two instalments which was really very convenient.

Frances was assigned to liaise between me and the editors, so that they could produce the best version of my book. She was extremely thorough, patient and supportive, as I kept wanting to make more and more changes in the text. So, we kept going back and forth until we were both completely satisfied with it. 

I had some hand drawn, colour pencil illustrations that didn’t show up well online, so Frances asked me to send the hard copies by post, which I did. I explained what sort of cover I wanted, and she followed my specifications and designed it exactly as I wanted it to be. I couldn’t have done it better myself! Furthermore, the editor decided to print the whole book on special shiny paper (80gsm) so that the illustrations would look better than they would on thicker, coarser paper. I considered it was very thoughtful of them.

Then before I knew it, the book was published on the 17th of August. I was absolutely thrilled! My very first book published at last! I had actually fulfilled my dream! This wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for Self-Publishing Partnership and their amazing team of editors and publishers.

“Miracles” is my first book, but it certainly won’t be my last.

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