Professional Book Cover Designs

They say “never judge a book by its’ cover” – but of course you do! Getting the right cover is critical, and we offer a choice of design options. 

We can produce a standard cover design whereby the text is professionally styled and laid out against a background image selected from our stock range, that will suit the genre. View some of our standard cover templates.


Bespoke Book Covers

Bespoke Cover Design

Very often we will create a bespoke design; either by incorporating and formatting existing artwork and images that authors have supplied, or by discussing a likely design brief, from which our designer will share some initial concept designs, before narrowing down to the final book cover. 

Virtually all the covers shown on this website are of our own design.

Designer's Brief

To help our designer create the most appropriate styling, you’ll be asked to provide a designer’s brief. We’ll share a short questionnaire to help clarify this, but it might be a short synopsis of the title and key points, along with all necessary cover text (title, author, quotes, summary, etc.). And we encourage you to give us pointers to other relevant book covers.

Designer Briefs
Cover Design

After all, we do judge a book by it’s cover!..