‘Spokes From The Wheel Of Life’ by J. A. Scott

My Poetry Journey

Being a psychotherapist for many years and never being one to burden others with my own problems I soon realised that it was easier for me to express myself through poetry, making light of what is often serious, finding humour in difficult everyday situations and finding solutions within the words I write.

I have also come to discover that the power of writing, to express feelings is cathartic and healing and I have witnessed and heard this hundreds of times from my clients.

These poems are expressions from my own experiences and through a lifetime of observing, working and being with others. My aim was to reach those who maybe found some poetry hard to relate to and, from feedback I have had, it would seem that my aims of reaching a wider range of readers has been achieved. I do believe that there is something for everyone in this collection of poetry and these poems will often strike the reader with familiarity of their own experiences.

I had pondered on the idea of self-publishing for years before finding Brown Dog publishing. 

From start to finish they were so easy to work with and, after just a few months, I was able to celebrate the launch of my book ‘Spokes From The Wheel Of Life’ The process with brown dog books was seamless as I worked with the team who were professional, knowledgeable and able to listen to my self-publishing goals that lead to a high quality paperback poetry book with an original cover and precision to detail throughout. To say I was absolutely delighted with it would be an understatement!

My tips for publishing for other authors who are unsure of whether to publish are:

      1. Hold off on the self-criticism – we are our own worst critics and even famous authors make mistakes!
      2. Get a good friend or relative to read through your work, whatever it is you want to publish.
      3. Find somebody who also writes in your style to suggest edits for your work or ask Brown Dog publishing about editing.
      4. Remember the thing called ‘poetic licence’.
      5. Read your poetry aloud to others or to your own reflection in the mirror, this is the best way to feel and hear if it sounds good.
      6. Talk to the team at Brown Dog books, they will be able to advise you with their expertise, knowledge, and patience.
      7. And finally, prepare your draft and click send! Having your book published will be a great boost to your confidence and self-esteem, as it was to mine, and will live on forever!


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