Self-Publishing Promotion and PR Services

Promotion and PR can be a very significant factor in the success of your book. And with the knowledge, enthusiasm and passion that you, the author, are bound to have for it, there’s unlikely to be anyone better to do this!

But your efforts may need direction. There’s an old adage that “90% of marketing can be wasted, but nobody knows which 10% was most effective”. You might want help to redress that balance.

Focused Promotion

If you already have your own networking, social media and/or website assigned to your book, then you have a great platform. However, there is always more that can be done…

There are plenty of agencies and consultants who’ll offer their services, but it can be an expensive exercise, and likely to be beyond the general budgets of self-publishing. 

However, we do have our own associated self-publishing promotion specialists in Helen Lewis and her team at Literally PR. Bringing 50+ years of combined experience, they can offer specific planning and valuable pointers… at realistic self-publishing rates. You might opt for their unique LitPR 100 Club at £100 monthly, or from somewhere around £600 upwards in total (as agreed) you could have a dedicated promotion campaign, including one-to-one consultation and planning, which could prove invaluable. 

Literally PR

Before making any commitment, our authors are welcome to have an initial (no obligation) chat with Helen or a senior member of her team at Literally PR to discuss just how promotional support might be a benefit. Or you can simply have some initial advice on how to concentrate your own efforts via social media.

If you would like to speak to Helen and her team about promoting your book, please ask us for a referral via SPP.

Dr Tim Howard (“Let’s Kill All The Lawyers”); “SPP put me in touch with Literally PR, and it was the very best thing they could have done for me. As a new author, I had no idea at all about how to publicise my book, and to bring it to the attention of the literary and readership worlds. Helen and her team took me in hand, explained the process, educated me, and sorted the whole process out with charm, efficiency and great skill. I could not have asked for a better and more effective service from them, and would strongly recommend them to anyone needing real expertise in publicising a new book.”

Start Spreading the Word
Specialising in self-publishing promotion and PR services, we’re happy to help.