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If you're thinking of self publishing your work, we can provide all the professional services, guidance, and support needed to produce your book to a high standard.

SPP is an established independent provider with a personal touch. We'll talk through the options with you and advise on the services you might require for your particular work. And because every book is different, we'll provide a specific quote reflecting your preferences. So please get in touch to discuss it.

In recent years, self publishing has become an established and credible way to publish a book. There are many examples of self published works that have enjoyed real commercial success. But we realise there are all sorts of reasons for wanting to self publish, and it's not just for straightforward financial gain.

You can take a look at options and information via the page tabs shown above, and don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • Livin' the Dream Motocross
    07/11/2018 - The Self-Publishing Partnership 0 Comments
    Livin' the Dream: Life inside Britain's most successful MXGP team

    Unrestricted access into the Hitachi KTM team.

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  • The Musings of Dessie Twelvetrees book
    07/11/2018 - The Self-Publishing Partnership 0 Comments
    The Musings of Dessie Twelvetrees: from school to stage.

    A new release from self-published author, Gary Buckner. 

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  • SPP author Paul Watkins describes his publishing process…
    26/10/2018 - Paul Watkins 0 Comments
    SPP author Paul Watkins describes his publishing process…

    From Hell Island to Hay Fever, The Life of Dr Bill Frankland.

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  • Field Dressings by Stretcher Bearer
    24/10/2018 - The Self-Publishing Partnership 0 Comments
    Field Dressings by Stretcher Bearer: France 1916 - 17 -18 - 19

    The Poems of Alick Lewis Ellis. 

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  • Lion's Eye
    17/10/2018 - The Self-Publishing Partnership 0 Comments
    Lion's Eye: poetry and prose by Nancy Hine

    This book is a narrative and expression of Hine's life experiences. Some of it is dark, but the underlying message is peace and hope.

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  • Peaky Climbers Book Released by SPP
    17/10/2018 - The Self-Publishing Partnership 0 Comments
    Peaky Climbers

    How eight amateur cyclists became kings of the mountains...

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  • person using laptop computer
    10/10/2018 - The Self-Publishing Partnership 0 Comments
    6 reasons to self-publish your book

    As The Self-Publishing Partnership (SPP), we may be a bit biased on why we think there are many reasons to self-publish your work. However in recent years, self-publishing has become an established and credible way to publish a book.

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    10/10/2018 - The Self-Publishing Partnership 0 Comments

    Mike Joslin throws a powerful ‘hat’ into the ring in a philosophical and scientific challenge to existing beliefs on the nature of the Universe.

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  • 28/09/2018 - Keith Bowers 0 Comments
    Self-Publish and Be Damned - SPP author Keith Bowers discusses his route to publication

    All aspiring authors wish they could be one of those privileged writers. You know the ones - those showered with a huge publisher advance, given glowing reviews in prestigious publications such as the London Review of Books and set up with lucrative book signing ceremonies up and down the land. The reality for most of us budding authors is completely different. Traditional publishers are often tricky to approach and many take an age before declining our request to be taken on as one of their authors.

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  • 14/09/2018 - Sara Onnebo 0 Comments
    Extract from 'The Daughter' by Sara Onnebo

    “I’ll tell you what happened in Tulisaari.”

    Those are Annika’s last words to her daughter. Shortly after, she is killed in an accident and all her secrets are about to be revealed. After her mother’s sudden death, Emilia is overcome by grief. As sorrow turns into curiosity, she starts to delve into her mother’s mysterious past. The search takes her to the small town of Tulisaari in Finland, where her mother grew up, a place Annika had left for good after a great tragedy occurred there. Emilia decides to find out for herself what really happened in Tulisaari all those years ago.

    But someone doesn’t want her to find out the truth...

    Below is an extract from 'The Daughter', the first novel of the Tulisaari trilogy by Sara Onebbo.

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  • 23/08/2018 - Alex Anderson 0 Comments
    Extract from SAS Veteran's Explosive New Thriller

    This is an extract from the book, 'The Good Muslim', the explosive new thriller by SAS veteran Alex Anderson.

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  • 10/08/2018 - Pat Strickson 0 Comments
    The Story of My Story

    by Pat Strickson, author of 'Time Stood Still in a Muddy Hole'.

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