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Promotion and PR can be a very significant factor in the success of your book. And with the enthusiasm, passion and knowledge that you, the author, are bound to have for it, there's unlikely to be anyone better to do this!

But your efforts may need direction. There's an old adage that "90% of marketing can be wasted, but nobody knows which 10% was most effective". We can help to redress that balance.

There are plenty of agencies and consultants who'll offer their services, but it can be an expensive exercise, and likely to be beyond the general budgets of self-publishing. However, we have our own associated self-publishing promotion specialist who can offer specific planning and valuable pointers..... at realistic self-publishing rates. For somewhere around £350 - £450 monthly (as agreed) you'll have a dedicated promotion campaign, including direct one-to-one consultation and planning, which could prove invaluable.

But before making any commitment to this service, our authors are welcome to have an initial no obligation chat with Kris at Authoramp to discuss how promotional support might be a benefit.

Authoramp are a book marketing, promotion and PR agency that specialise specifically in the publishing industry, helping authors from all over the world. Authoramp specialises in helping authors to cost-effectively enhance their online presence and increase exposure for their books, securing them press coverage, interviews, features, and reviews.

If you would like to speak to Authoramp about promoting your book, please ask us for a referral or visit their website:

Recent authors who have worked with Authoramp have said;

“Great ideas at a reasonable cost”

“Kris has been a huge help to me in starting to get my books to sell. He has great ideas at a reasonable cost. I will continue to use him.”

“Very fortunate to have worked with Kris”

“Kris has really helped to bring my novel into many new avenues I never thought of, including social networks, blogs, literary sites, and more. He consistently comes up with new ideas, and I’m very fortunate to have worked with him.”

If you already have your own networking process, website, and social media assigned to your book, then you have a great platform. However, there is always more that can be done…