Printing and E-Books

The advances in digital printing now make it easier than ever to produce good quality books in a viable and economical way. Books can be ordered in small, manageable quantities, while the finished copies are as professional in appearance as those produced by more traditional litho print-runs. At SPP we're perhaps a bit fussy about it all, but the presentation really matters!

It's also possible to set up Print-on-Demand (POD), however it can have a significant bearing on the necessary selling price, so the decision on how to print will vary from title to title. It may still prove most effective to produce a book by a conventional litho print-run, which can generally come into play from a few hundred copies (dependent on the format, etc.). But often an initial commitment to a short digital run of perhaps 100 to 300 copies is preferred.

There are numerous different sizes and formats in which books can be printed, with the most popular shown below;


Overall sales of e-books now account for a reasonable proportion of all books sold. So, unless there is particular reason not to do it, we regard e-book formatting as a standard part of the publishing process.

Your book will be converted to both e-pub and mobi formats, making it compatible with all the main platforms, i.e. Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s i-Books, WH Smith’s Kobo, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, etc.