‘Me 100’ by Ryan Boyd

In 2017, having been active in the wellness industry for a few years I wanted to get my content, findings and teachings out to the world. I started off with the creation of the logo to give me the inspiration and meaning behind the book.  When brainstorming ideas for the book I had to create something that I had not read before. Wellness is a global topic so for me, I had to do something that made this book stand out. One of the key elements of the book is the structure and the simple measuring tool. How so? Simply by creating a measure of percentage input for each individual reader. Half the battle with getting a kick start in life, whether it be diet, mental wellness, business etc is taking the initiative to create a starting point to work from. In this case, picking up Me100 accounts for 50% of your effort to make a move in the right direction. Me100 provides 50 days worth of challenges, with each day accounting for 1% of your effort. When researching habit forming, there were many theories suggesting 20, 30, 60 and even 90 days to change or form new habits, but I wasn’t entirely convinced. By creating a structured 50 day challenge self help book means that if you don’t complete each of the 50 challenges then you haven’t given 100% commitment…..meaning you have no-one else to blame other than yourself for not succeeding. Now, I know the content works. In 2012, I almost lost my life, before then I had skipped around in jobs with no direction or real purpose, then the penny finally dropped and within the next 6 years I now own several businesses, I’m happily married with 2 young children and live the life I want to live. How? By taking action and creating meaning and purpose. This is where Me100 comes into its own category of self help book.

Through my younger years I was a huge football fanatic, wanting to be nothing else than the next Gary Lineker or Peter Schmeichel. I was so focussed and determined to make it, until the day came when a coach of mine at Bristol City told me it was the end of the road. I was devastated, I cried and sobbed for months and even years later I was struggling to accept it. The problem was, I had accepted defeat and didn’t view it as ‘one mans’ opinion, instead I looked upon it as the worlds decision that I’m not made for football. Had I have known what I know and teach now, things could’ve been different. Me100 is the starting point for which you can find true value within yourself, and not to be reliant or conditioned by other people’s perception of you. Once you master that, the world is very literally your oyster. Connor McGregor once said ‘do not change your inner dialogue’. As soon as you allow your dialogue to be tampered with you lose, value, faith, ambition and drive.  If we could all get a ‘leg up’ in life and make things easier or to create results faster, I’m sure we would take them. So, my friends this is my ‘leg up’ for you, so you can be the best version of you that you deserve to be.

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