Trade Sales Representation

Trade Sales Representation is an additional possibility. However this is very selective on our part, and entirely at our discretion.

If we agree to proceed, then your title will be actively sold by The Manning Partnership's trade sales team, who will present it to the appropriate buyers of the recognised book trade outlets.

The Manning Partnership have been successfully handling independent publishers' trade sales for over 18 years, and have a well-established network, covering book trade and other outlets.

An Advance Information (AI) sheet will be produced that is a synopsis of the title and illustration of the cover design, as well as providing a point of reference (re genre, format, price, ISBN, etc.). The trade sales team will share this with the relevant buyers, and it will also be included in wider trade distribution of new title information.

However, whilst we will certainly ensure the title has been seen and acknowledged by the correct buyers, we can't guarantee they will necessarily order your book!

  • Paying the Price, Stephanie Millward
  • Over the hills and far away, Romy Wyeth