Social Media Start-Up

No matter how good your book is, you have to tell people about it!! Popular Social Media is certainly the quickest and most practical way to spread the word.

We offer a Social Media Start-Up, exclusively for books that we're producing, in which we'll get you set up on the right platforms, so you are able to use it with ease going forward;

  1. We'll set up your account and log-in details on the key social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Goodreads (or any other that you might want)
  2. We'll then put up three initial posts/messages for you on each platform, and for a couple of weeks will show you how to continue posting and engaging within the network.
  3. By establishing yourself on social media and creating an online presence you can start to build a network of followers and interest in your book.
  4. We'll provide pointers to the most appropriate web forums that cover your particular genre of writing/book. By engaging in these forums you can generate book reviews - which all helps.
  5. And before handing over we'll make sure you've got the hang of logging-in to your accounts and posting tweets, blogs and chat!...