Printing & e-Books


The advances in Digital Print and Print-on-Demand (POD) now make it easier than ever before to produce printed books in a viable and economical way. Books can now be ordered, printed and despatched on demand – even as a single copy. And the finished books are now as professional in appearance as those produced by more traditional litho print-runs.

However, POD can have a significant bearing on the necessary selling price, so it depends on the strategy for each title to decide how best to print it.

It may still prove most effective to produce a book by a conventional litho print-run, which can generally come into play from around 1,000 or so copies (dependent on the format, etc.). But often an initial commitment to a short digital run of perhaps 100 to 300 copies is preferred.


Your manuscript will be converted to the appropriate e-book format for the main e-book platforms: i.e. Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s i-Bookstore, WH Smith’s Kobo, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, etc.

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