6 reasons to self-publish your book

As The Self-Publishing Partnership (SPP), we may be a bit biased on why we think there are many reasons to self-publish your work. However in recent years, self-publishing has become an established and credible way to publish a book. There are many examples of self-published works that have enjoyed real commercial success. The rise of […]


Mike Joslin throws a powerful ‘hat’ into the ring in a philosophical and scientific challenge to existing beliefs on the nature of the Universe. He suggests that the scientific community has been struggling in a ‘straitjacket’ of its own making, by persisting in the belief the Universe is expanding, against tangible evidence that it isn’t. […]

Self-Publish and Be Damned – SPP author Keith Bowers discusses his route to publication

All aspiring authors wish they could be one of those privileged writers. You know the ones – those showered with a huge publisher advance, given glowing reviews in prestigious publications such as the London Review of Books and set up with lucrative book signing ceremonies up and down the land. The reality for most of […]

Extract from ‘The Daughter’ by Sara Onnebo

“I’ll tell you what happened in Tulisaari.” Those are Annika’s last words to her daughter. Shortly after, she is killed in an accident and all her secrets are about to be revealed. After her mother’s sudden death, Emilia is overcome by grief. As sorrow turns into curiosity, she starts to delve into her mother’s mysterious […]

Extract from SAS Veteran’s Explosive New Thriller

This is an extract from the book, The Good Muslim, the explosive new thriller by SAS veteran Alex Anderson. In the distance, a faint speck of yellow light in an isolated farmstead pricked the gloom, signalling that a household was stirring to meet its day. His companions lined along the ditch all noticed it at the […]