‘Beyond the Bike’ and behind the story…

Guest blogger, Claire Le Hur, author of The Adventures of Thandie the Tandem, explains her publishing journey and the inspiration behind the book. The Adventures of Thandie the Tandem was published by the Self Publishing Partnership in June 2018. A second book in the series will be published in spring 2019, of course, also with SPP. We really enjoyed […]

Through Fire, Shot and Shell

Through Fire, Shot and Shell is the new book from author, Romy Wyth, the latest instalment in his trilogy. This book of soldiers’ stories takes us from the trenches of France and Flanders, to the training camps of Salisbury Plain, then onto the Normandy beaches and beyond, to the stifling deserts of the Middle East, to Mesopotamia, Abyssinia, Palestine […]

Made In Bath

A collection of creative artworks from artists. makers and designers in and around Bath. Made in Bath celebrates the dynamic spirit of Bath-based makers by sharing the stories of 18 modern-day creatives, craftspeople, engineers and innovators.  It reveals an intriguing snapshot of some of the diverse creative activities that take place in this heritage city.  It s an […]

The Luck Of Losing The Toss – My Stunt Career in the Movies and TV

Frank Henson shares his stunt career in the film and television, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond and The Sweeney. Frank Henson grew up in poverty on the Whitehawk estate in Brighton. He didn’t know his father and got into trouble at an early age.  In the swinging sixties he became a paratrooper, then a […]

New book: ‘The Bad Samaritan’ by Lyon Bell

An exciting new crime novel by Lyon Bell.  In March 1990, 13 works of art, then valued at over $300 million, were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts, by thieves who gained entry posing as police officers. The robbery gained worldwide attention and speculation was rife as to who could have […]

Palestine Diaries Of A Polish Schoolgirl

An account of one girl’s life from Palestine during World War Two. Written by Isabella Moore. This book is a way to show how historical events shape, distort and sometimes destroy individual human lives.  The first part of this book provides an insight into a privileged life in Kresy (Eastern Borderlands of pre-war Poland) and the fate of its […]

Wiltshire Times press release: ‘Victorian tale makes it to print’

An article featured in the Wiltshire Times, written by reporter, John Baker. Featured image credit: Wiltshire Times.com This article was first written on 17th November 2018, by John Baker. … Dee Way, 72 spent four years trying to track down first edition copies of the book written by her great-great aunt Isabel Homewood. Now she’s finally seen the book, A […]

Professional self-help books by Tony Weightman

Tony Weightman’s new books on how to get the best out of your relationships with trade unions, and how to be a good consultive representative.  Working Positively With Trade Unions: How to get the best out of your relationship with the trade unions (with Bernie McCardle) The ultimate resource for new or established line managers and HR professionals […]