The Story Behind ‘Arthur Burkett’s Diaries’

Linda Burkett describes the astonishing stories she found within her father-in-laws wallet and old collection of small diaries. The diaries describe the struggle, pain and brutality Auther Burkett had faced as a prisoner of war. Linda explains her self-publishing journey and her achievement.  Many years ago when my mother-in-law remarried, she gave me my late father-in-laws wallet and a collection of […]

The Self-Publishing Journey of ‘Operation XX and Me’

In 2014, Audrey Phillips found her late husband’s story hidden away, but was soon encouraged to share his war time memoirs when the family discovered there was more to the story than they first thought. Phillip’s discusses the self-publishing journey, the story and the inspiration behind the book, ‘Operation XX and Me’. The Journey I contacted The Self-Publishing Partnership in […]

My Self-Publishing Journey

First-time author, Gill Ingram, describes her self-publishing journey, from the very beginnings of her writing, to being a published author. I’m a first-time author and lucky enough to live in Frome, Somerset, alongside a great many other writers and creative people. It’s a place where it’s easy to get inspired! Five years ago, ten of us founded […]

Alec Forshaw’s Self-Publishing Journey

Author, Alec Forshaw talks about finding the inspiration for his book, ‘An Address in Bloomsbury’, his previous experience with publishing and why he turned to self-publishing. I am lucky enough to live in a very old house in central London, very close to Great Ormond Street. Having retired from my day job as a town planner and conservation officer in local government, I […]

The Adventurous Young Rascals of Rosignol

An exciting story of childhood, by Johnny L. Zainul. In the small, poor, but close- knit village of Rosignol, on the West Bank of the Berbice River in Guyana, resided a group of boys who lived life to the full.  Fearless, adventurous and courageous, these boys carved their childhoods out of escapades and near-misses. They called themselves “The Rivals”.  […]

It Leaves Me The Same: A farmer’s son in The Great War

Based on the true story of my great uncle, Allen Green, the book I’ve just published retells a nineteen year old’s journey in 1918 from his family farm in Somerset through the Somme battlefield during the Great War, culminating in a dramatic ending on Armistice Day. The book came about after a family member found […]

Book release: ‘Check for Leaks’ by Richard Castle

A Story of Civil Servants and Their Strange Activities during The Cold War. Written by Richard Castle. In the 1930s, a Turk called Dr Joseph Peress designed an armoured diving suit which carried out several dives on the wreck of the RMS Lusitania at the behest of the British government.  Then 40 years later, a new […]