‘Crafting-Transforming Materials & the Maker’ blog by Bernard Graves

Some three years ago I approached a few fellow Craft practitioners with the idea of co-writing a Craft book – one that would be a collective of our various practical skills experiences and many years of practice and teaching. We formed Hands on Press to publish our book. We agreed to all set out on […]

Extract from ‘The Golden Thread’ by Amy Fry

“Stars etched by forgotten hands emerge from the darkness, as animals swarm in red ochre and charcoal birds appear in feathered flight. Slowly, lamplight ripples over the curves and contours of the cave, illuminating a dreamtime within of tangled herds of auroch, bison and bear. A hunting ground of eternity lingering on in pigment and […]

The Motive Behind ‘Why Me?’ blog by Sharon-Ann Phillips

Although not accepting the fact, when the doctors tell you you only have a life expectancy of 6 months there’s something to be said about an urgency to get your life in order; after all, it made me realise just how short life is. Write my will, check! Life insurance policy in order, check! Decant […]

‘A Christmas Bauble’ Self-Publishing Journey by Linda Baker

WOW, what a wonderful experience! I had always dreamt of writing a book and to actually have the finished product in my hand is an amazing feeling. The Inspiration of My Story For the last twenty years I have regularly taken my grandchildren to the cinema and have been amazed at the stories, animation and […]

‘The Man Who Worked on Sundays’ blog by Paul Skinner

My father Revd. Leslie Skinner was the first British Chaplain to land on the Normandy beaches on D Day 2nd June 1944. He kept a diary which attached to the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry, a territorial tank regiment, from D-Day until the end of the war and self-published his diary in 1995. He made it his […]

‘Life’s Journey Through Poetry’ blog by Beverley Robson

Since retiring as a full-time English teacher, I have been able to pursue my love of writing. I begun collating the poems I had written in the last twenty years. There was such a variety; fun, childish rhymes, serious thoughtful memories and several emotional, very personal poems, that I wrote to help me through difficult […]

‘Chasin’ the MXGP Dream’ blog post by Andy Gee

Motorcross has been my passion since I was a child, racing, spectating and now writing about the world’s best racers as they chase world championship glory. My writing journey began in 1984 when I wrote a one-off feature for a magazine. Fast forward to 2016 when early retirement allowed me to spend the summer travelling […]

‘Keeping My Work Safe From Aliens’ – a blog by Peter Smith

Peter Smith, author of “A Procurement Compendium”, reveals insight into his book and the publishing process. I ran a website (Spend Matters Europe) for eight years, writing around 10 articles every week, all about the absolutely fascinating topic of “procurement”. Now my wife and daughter might question my use of the word “fascinating” there, but […]