‘Isambard Doyle; A Hero’s Journey’ by Martin Williamson.

My self-publishing journey began when a good friend in Bath recommended me to SPP, a wonderful and professional company.

The story of a young man called Isambard who travels into an extraordinary Victorian/Edwardian otherworld in search of his truth began to form in my minds eye when I was a very young man in 1999. Having been born and brought up in Bristol the name of the great Victorian engineer had always appealed to me so Isambard he became. I also had a view of the majestic suspension bridge spanning its mighty gorge from the attic bedroom of my parents house where I lived at the time.

Coincidentally, I went onto become an actor playing Mr Brunel for many years at the SS Great Britain and right up to early 2020 for the GWR and the Institution of Civil Engineers in Westminster.

Much of the inspiration behind the book was based upon my own inner journey, a winding path as it is with us all at times, with numerous obstacles and experiences good and not so. The experiences were often of such a profound nature in regards to the inner truths they revealed to me that I thought it would be both fun and challenging to use all I had traversed within myself to put into an epic fantasy of four books beginning with ‘The Hero’s Journey’.

When writing, the way the words formed in my mind seemed as if it had been written a century ago or more and so vivid did this extraordinary world appear within my imagination that all I could do was attempt to capture it in my description.

I must confess that the first Lockdown in March 2020 was a blessing in disguise as I saw it, for I had no excuse but to use the time I had been gifted wisely here at home in the peace of the Gloucestershire countryside and write till I had got it done.

I had enormous fun creating the numerous characters particularly the deliciously wicked villainess of the piece, Mrs Dorothea Duckflatterer. I had first created Mrs Duckflatterer in a sketch whilst I was away on a long trip to Los Angeles in 2013 complete with nose like the prow of a galleon, extravagantly coiffed hair, cold black eyes and golden Lorgnette.

The book is deeply personal and is full of light and dark and humour as well and I’m excited now I’ve started on the second follow up novel. I always hand write the initial draft and then when typed up I always tie it up with a silk ribbon and put it away in a box.

I have had some great feedback from this first novel and it has given me the ‘oomph’ to get on and complete this young mans story where he will at last emerge triumphantly into the full blaze of his truth and ready to take on the world.

The whole experience of self-publishing has been a joy to me and I would gladly recommend SPP to anyone wishing to see their work in a printed and professional form.

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