‘Living in Lockdown’ by Stewart Gunn.

I started taking an interest in Covid in January 2020. When it looked as though lockdown was coming, I was naturally concerned for all my friends and family’s safety and wellbeing. I did not know what the future would bring, but I knew we were about to become part of one of the most historic events ever, so I decided to document what was unfolding due to the pandemic.

Initially I wanted to document everything for my 5-month-old grandson Charlie. My thinking was it was something he was living through and he could be one of the oldest survivors of Covid in years to come. The course of this pandemic will be analysed for decades, and I hoped Charlie, his children and grandchildren would be interested to read how the family lived through this historic event.

As things developed, cases and deaths rose in the UK and Scotland. My local area did not escape and sadly Inverclyde became known as the Covid capital of Scotland.

These developments helped form the basis of my notes along with what was going on with family life in general.

As the story grew my thoughts turned to what sort of format I could leave all this in for Charlie. I didn’t want something digital. I wanted something he could physically touch and see. 

It had to be a book and from that moment ‘Living in Lockdown 2020’ was born. It was something that I had never done before, but with fantastic help from The Self Publishing Partnership, the book was published in December 2020.

My initial thoughts were to give each family member a copy for Christmas, which they loved. However, I have been amazed that I have started selling copies as well without any advertising. It is something that I feel may gather interest in the future as it is how I saw Covid and lived through it.

Due to the continuation of the pandemic, I am in the process of writing ‘Living in Lockdown 2021’, which I hope will be the last book on the subject.  Guess what the family are getting for Christmas again.

Living in Lockdown 2020 and 2021 will be part of my family history, anyone else interested in my story is a bonus.

By Stewart Gunn

‘Living in Lockdown’ can be purchased here.

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