‘A Theory of Everything’ Things I Wish I’d Known at Your Age. By Jonathan R. Tuck

I started writing ‘A Theory of Everything’ in 2017 after attending a workshop hosted by Dr. Linda Mallory, which addressed parents of children diagnosed with ‘ADHD’.  The sessions were so powerful that they unleashed an avalanche of information and knowledge derived from my personal experience and intensive research over the previous 20 years, and culminated in the emergence of what was originally entitled “Things I Wish I’d Known at Your Age”.

It was written for my sons, and was a compilation of everything I’d researched, learned, developed and practiced throughout my life and across all areas of life and wellbeing.

It’s written with brutal honesty and self-reflection, and targets questions that I’ve asked and issues I faced, and how I began to go about answering them and addressing them.  It describes the conclusions I’ve come to and the positive results that I’ve observed and enjoyed.  It contains references to all of the people and works that have inspired me, and the information that I’ve used to derive my theories.  The inclusion of references was to give my sons the foundations for doing their own research, so that they could make up their own minds on what truth they chose to believe.

When I showed my first draft to Linda, and a few selected others, I received extremely positive feedback, even from the first draft.  Linda’s feedback and others can be seen here.

After receiving such positive feedback, and with my overwhelming desire to help as many people as I could, I decided that I’d do it properly, and engaged with an amazing editor.  She understood where I was coming from and contributed in part to my knowledge on health and nutrition, and a number of other elements of the book.

I worked with my Editor tirelessly for about two years, and am happy that her promise to make it ‘flow like water’ has been most excellently delivered!

When I reached out for a resource to market the book, and to reach as many people as I could, I came across Roger Seawright, who embraced the project, and set about reading the book.

Roger came back to me and informed me that he thought that the book was not just a book for children, and could actually be called “A Theory of Everything”, as it resonated with much of the research and information that he’d been working on for many decades, surrounding how to live your best life.

At the beginning of 2020, I created a website for the book with my friend Stephen O’Donnell (www.atheoryofeverything.co.uk), to play part in a proposed Kickstarter campaign, which was subsequently put on hold for various reasons at the time.

In May 2020 I received an email saying that the sender of the email had bought the book and would like to know when it would be delivered!  At the time, I didn’t realise that the book had been made live and available on the website, so this mail came completely out of the blue!!!  This brought intense focus back to the book, and by that afternoon, I’d done my research and had engaged with the Self-Publishing Partnership.  I had entered into what appeared to be a fantastic deal, and at a very reasonable cost!

The Self-Publishing Partnership transpired to be excellent, and delivered everything that they promised and more, and the book was published on the 4th August 2020!

I believe that these connections were no coincidence, and that everything is happening synchronously, just as it should be happening!  I’m exceptionally grateful to my sons, to my editor, to Marcel, and to Roger, to Kaja, and to everyone who’s influenced me in my life, and contributed to my continual (if a little wobbly at times) growth, and made this book possible, and valuable to a wider community.

And of course, I’m extremely grateful to The Self-Publishing Partnership!

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