‘The Adventures of Geoffrey the Giraffe’ series by Laura Elsinor

Hello, thanks for taking the time to read about me and my latest book in the series of ‘The Adventures of Geoffrey the Giraffe’. 

My name is Laura and I live in Wiltshire with my family.  I am a children’s social worker working currently with foster carers and children in care.  My background is CAMHS so I like to take a little of what I learn throughout my profession and incorporate it within my books.  

‘The Adventures of Geoffrey the Giraffe’ formed an idea in my mind when I had my appendix out around 6 years ago as my husband brought me a teddy giraffe whilst in hospital, giraffes being my favourite animals.  Since then my teddy, I called Geoffrey, has travelled with me on holidays and daily adventures to remind me I am alive and well, and I thought why not write some stories for Geoffrey to star in!

When I started writing them I did not consider them being published, but as I worked on them and the illustration brought my family of giraffes to life an idea formed that maybe, just maybe, Geoffrey could be out in the big world for others to enjoy.  I met with the self-publishing team after meeting them at the Frome Festival last year, and within a couple of months, the first couple of books were published.  The team were great and kept me informed of timescales providing me with proof copies to read prior to going to print.  
Unfortunately with COVID 19 hitting us in March, the several writer’s festivals I had planned to attend to promote my books have been postponed, but you can order them on Amazon or directly through the self-publishing company, and don’t forget to check me out on Instagram: Geoffreythegiraffe2020 

‘Geoffrey Starts School’ I had so much fun writing and illustrating as although his mum, dad and sister Sophie have followed him throughout the stories, I was able to provide him with a real identity in this book.  I enjoyed researching where Giraffes originate from and then thinking about Geoffrey in his herd and his parents flying to England to follow their dreams. Working with looked after children I know how important it is for children to learn about their heritage and past, I only hope that this book advocates for this.   
Starting school can be a scary time with some children good at some subjects and others struggling, I wanted my readers to understand that this is okay and that you can not be good at everything.  I believe with Geoffrey making friends with Robin and Matthew this enabled him to be happier within school and find his confidence in sports and Maths.  I went for bright colours for my characters and I hope you like them as much as I do!

By Laura Elsinor

‘The Adventures of Geoffrey the Giraffe’ series by Laura Elsinor can be purchased on Amazon.

‘Geoffrey starts school’

‘Geoffrey learns about emotions’

‘Geoffrey goes to the theme park’

‘Geoffrey gets a puppy’

‘Geoffrey goes missing at the beach’

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