‘Against the Grain’ by David Ramply.

I had always at the back of my mind wanted to write my memoirs more as a record for my family to have when I pass on. I never intended to sell the book mainly because I did not think other people would be interested. How wrong was I ! Since being published I have been amazed the interest shown. I only had 200 copies printed and I sent out to family and friends 125 books. Since then I have ‘sold’ to acquaintances the book for £10 to go to two charities: the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Air Ambulance. 
The journey started in March 2020 when the Covid 19 lockdown started. This was the time to start writing!  I finished the book on June 1st. 
I literally started at the beginning with my childhood,education and my early career being an apprentice. I have always seen the funny side of life so throughout the book I made sure all these anecdotes came out even when I became the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire. The statement on the back page probably sums up the memoirs.

‘The author has managed not only to have 50 years in the Grain trade but has been able to fit in a lifetime of fun, travel and public service. His passion for shooting has led him to go on more shoots than most people dream of and on his travels he has visited over 70 countries. With a great sense of humour these memoirs are littered with many highly amusing anecdotes from his early school days on rugby tours and being High Sheriff’

Once I decided to write my book I had no idea who to contact to publish and to print it. I was recommended the Self-Publishing Partnership. I rang them up out of the blue and spoke to Douglas Walker who immediately put me at ease and after giving me encouragement handed me over to Charlotte de Grey who would oversee the detail including the format and the inclusion of photographs. Both Douglas and Charlotte seem to be on my wave length and it was a real pleasure working with them. I would thoroughly recommend the SSP for any one interested in writing a book.

By David Ramply

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