‘Let the story begin’ by Rebecca Donaldson.

The inspiration for me to start writing a book came several years ago. I needed to write reports and documents for senior managers at work, and I had had little experience of this, and my keyboard skills were, poor. I suffer from dyslexia, and miss out words when reading and writing, or read words that are in the wrong context and I read what I want them to say. To help me gain experience my line manager said, ‘Just type Rebecca, anything. Make it up, keep a diary, document what you find interesting.’ So I did. 

Taking an old laptop I penned a sorry about the regency period, two characters who fell in love, but had several troubles getting there. My love of the romantic authors, 90’s chick flicks and an underlining story that only comes out as you follow the book to the end allowed me to complete this and I almost forget I had created a story. 

It was not until some time later, about eight years, that I picked up my laptop again. I found writing a way to relax and take my mind off the stress and pressures of daily life and was inspired by two different characters, Lottie and Edward, two of my favourite names. I had an idea of the end of the story, I just needed to work on the rest. The book had no title, until my husband asked what I was doing and I said ‘I have started to write another story’. He asked me to read it and I joked, well, ‘let the story begin’ and it stuck. I continued to write as a way to escape and had two completed works sitting on the computer. 

Recently, following several months of depression and anxiety he suggested getting one of my completed books published. Just one copy for me. In an effort to improve my state of mind and to know that I can achieve things that you feel are beyond you. I got the courage for a friend to read it, in its raw state. She was gripped and again encouraged me to be brave and look into the process. 

Once more my husband supported me and said as a birthday gift he wanted to get this published. I thought it would be one copy, just for me, but as normal he wanted to do it properly and said to have faith that I had something others would want to read. 

Working with SPP was an easy process, one I was anxious about as I still felt that it was not good enough to do and I was not capable. They explained the whole process and made it easy to continue. I had ideas of how I wanted the book to look and designed the cover in my head, and with a few simple instructions the design team gave me a proof of what this would look like. It was perfect. With only a few tweaks, I really did feel like this could be achieved and we continued the process with regular communications and clear guidance, answering all my questions from start to finish. 

Seeing the book, its black and red shiny cover, sitting on my bookshelf has given me a real sense of worth, and increased my self esteem and ability to achieve, what seemed to be, something I could never have done. I have had feedback from those already who have read it, and they are desperate to know what happens to Lottie and Ed. So much so that their second encounter is ready to go. So let the story continue…

By Rebecca Donaldson

‘Let the story begin’ by Rebecca Donaldson can be purchased here.

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