‘Payout in the Jungle’ by Trevor Hall


Albeit many years after the signing of the peace treaty, my ultimate desire when writing this book was to reaffirm my respect, admiration and compassion for those comrades who lost their lives whilst fighting this undeclared, forgotten war and for those who were wounded both mentally and physically. 

I have endeavoured to share my encounters and experiences throughout my time served in Borneo, essentially the Indonesian aggression against the independent state of Malaysia. Warfare inevitably distresses people due to the heart wrenching scenes and atrocities, but I also experienced loyalty, friendship and hope, enabling me to write not only about my heartache, but also how I made friends and comrades for life. I feel that my book gives the reader a wide-ranging view of the situation and how I coped on my journey. I witnessed actions in my military career that I could never unsee, affecting me for life, but I also have fond memories and friendships that are everlasting. I saw and cherished humanity, selflessness and kindness in most civilians, despite the atrocities going on around them.


After having submitted my manuscript to the Self-Publishing Partnership I became aware that my aspiration to have my story printed and published was to be realised, my business relationship with this company being nothing short of remarkable. As I progressed through the proof reading and various other procedures with the publishers, I could feel myself becoming excited and euphoric, the finished book arriving on my doorstep bringing tears to my eyes. In fact, my Self-Publishing journey was so easy, I have now decided to write another book about my experiences in Western Germany. 

‘Payout in the Jungle’ by Trevor Hall can be purchased here.

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