‘The Brave Shall Inherit the Earth’ by Tim O’Leary

I was prompted to pursue the self-publishing route when I finally got around to reading my father’s account of his military service between 1944-47. As a family we were very aware of his distinguished service as a regular soldier between 1942 and his retirement in 1989 and of some of his exploits in WW2, The Malayan Emergency and Borneo Confrontation but not any of the detail.  He started to record his memories of fighting in Burma in WW2 in 1999 but it wasn’t until I inherited his papers after he passed away that I had the chance to read them in their entirety. 

The initial drive to print was to turn his account into something more lasting for his immediate and wider family, and so the search for how best to achieve this began.  I discovered the Self-Publishing Partnership after an internet search and a call with Douglas convinced me that pursuing this route would be both straightforward and timely. I wasn’t disappointed and over the course of a couple of months, with some considerable input, advice and patience shown by the SPP team, I now have a book that is greatly admired by the family including grandchildren, who now all have copies.

The book has found itself on the shelves of the Burma Campaign Library at SOAS, the Library at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the Gurkha Museum, the Regimental Centre of the Rajputana Rifles in Delhi and is being reviewed by a number of Indian Army and British Gurkha Regimental Associations. The younger members of the family are keenly advertising it on various social media platforms and much to my astonishment, it has created some interest amongst their peer group.

By Tim O’Leary

Purchase a copy of ‘The Brave Shall Inherit the Earth’ here.

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