‘Electrodynamic Waves’ by Brian Whittaker

This is my first privately published book. 

Previously as a career scientist I authored or co-authored many scientific papers that were published in leading science journals, or published in the form of unclassified internal reports available from H.M. Stationary Office. I also contributed to two textbooks. The publication process was very easy, I merely handed my text and diagrams to our publicity department and they did the rest, subject of course to a little editing and my final approval.

I retired in 1994 but never lost my interest in science, so, inevitably I embarked on some experimental work at home in what I call the ‘shed science’ environment: work that can be done safely at home with relatively inexpensive equipment.

A few years ago, I invested in some electronic test equipment and began researching a strange wireless transmission phenomenon that I had once noticed. Four or five years later I decided that my results really ought to be published. That, of course is how science is supposed to advance! However, I no longer had access to the resources and backing of my former employers and it soon became very clear that publication in science journals would be very difficult, if not impossible.

So, I decided to explore self-publishing. An online search offered some possibilities but by what I now regard as a stroke of good fortune I chose the Self-Publishing Partnership (SPP). I should add that I did have reservations about that choice because my book contains diagrams, photographs and mathematical equations that had to be accurate and sequential.

Publication did indeed prove to be hard work, particularly as I had no real prior experience of publication matters, but SPP staff were so very helpful at every stage, guiding me forward when necessary, and now the job is done and I am looking forward to final marketing.

‘Electrodynamic Waves’ by Brian Whittaker can be purchased here.

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