‘Rosie’s Gift’ by Beverley Joughin-Robson

This is the second book I have had published by Self-Publishing Partnership. My first book was a collection of poems called, ‘Life’s Journey through Poetry.’ This is my first novel.

Written from a selection of memories, my mother’s, some from my childhood and some as a parent, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing it. Through some words I have watched my characters develop and grow, page after page.

Of course, everyone likes a murder and my novel does not disappoint. When a dead body is found buried in the grounds of a Tuscan Villa, where Rosie’s parents stayed on holiday, her father becomes the main suspect. Gina, a young Italian policewoman helps her to find out what really happened?

Like many readers, I enjoy a good murder mystery, but I wanted to tell stories of normal lives and experiences too, that readers could relate too. Rosies ‘Gift,’ adds the intrigue and mystery to engage the reader. Her ‘Gift’ leads her family and their friends through their normal lives, relationships and daily dramas, from the 1960s to 1980s.

So many novels seem to be rather depressing, dystopian nightmares and frightening, sad lives. Although the journey of my characters includes the normal heartbreaks of life, my novel depicts much that is positive: hope, ambition, friendship and love.

I enjoyed the creative process, including moments in my own life that have captured my imagination. I have:

“floated in the sea, bobbing weightlessly, the silky waves rippling generously around (me) white edges flicking over the rim of the waves as they neared the beach. The blueness of the sky reflected on the clear water as (I) looked down at (my) feet, moving just above the sand beneath.” (Chapter 11)

So many personal memories are captured in words to help my story come to life, although that is what it is: a story – fiction, and hopefully fun to read.

As well as advertising my books on Facebook and Twitter, I now have my own website: bevrobsoncreative.com

My aim is to let people know more about me and see some of my written achievements as well as my paintings, hopefully to encourage others to write, paint and be creative.

Bev Joughin-Robson

‘Rosie’s Gift’ is available on Amazon.

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