Self-Care Tips by Helen Lewis, SPP Marketing & Promotion Associate

Five Tips For Self-Care During Self-Isolation

Tips from the author of My Super-Compact Self-Care Script, pilates and yoga trainer, Neeta Oza (

Books by Neeta Oza, published by Hashtag Press (, available to buy online in all major bookshops:

  • My Super-Compact Self-Care Script
  • My Fun-Filled Fitness Folio
  • My Mini-Micro Mindset Manual
  • My Back-to-Basics Business Bible

Neeta Oza says: “I would definitely recommend keeping a routine – whatever that may be – try to keep to your own timings. I’m working from home and getting up early, as I normally would, showering, enjoying my morning routine, speaking to loved ones & keeping calm throughout the day.

  • Early morning (first thing!) ‘thanks & blessings’. I incorporate this with my meditation and yoga routine. This is an amazing way to begin the day by staying appreciative and calm, with at least 30-45 minutes to myself. Online fitness is great too as there are so many free offerings in the comfort of my own home. Also, taking time during the day to regulate my breath works wonders and helps me to think more clearly and enjoy what I’m doing.
  • Warm water – drink at least 8-10 glasses a day. Spruce this up with lemon, mint, cucumber, anything for a bit of natural flavour to keep hydrated, and keep the immune system on-point and all systems flowing.
  • I’m getting creative with what is in my fridge or pantry. I’ve Googled ‘cost-effective eats’ to help me here and have found a real love for baking banana bread loaves. My own version of participating in the Great British Bake Off, where I can add dried fruit or dark chocolate to the mix, even a bit of gold leaf or glitter if available!
  • Constantly focusing on personal development and getting to know who I am, what I enjoy and positive aspects I can offer the world – enhancing life by simplifying it – by putting my phone in silent (yet with vibrate), avoid any rush, going through my wellbeing routine, business, finances… making any tweaks, jotting down ideas that I have ‘never had the time’ to do, giving some attention via FaceTime to my close family and friends.
  • Staying as chilled as possible throughout the day (deep breathing is my best friend here) and watching as many comedies as possible – this is the ultimate preparation for a fantastic, smooth night-time sleep (preferably from 10pm), or a cheeky afternoon power-nap (preferably a minimum of 30 minutes).
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