An Extract from ‘To Catch a Rat’ by Ear B Henry

On the 1st July 2005, Rick E Crawford left his five-bedroom house in Greenwich, London, for his monthly gambling trip to Soames Casino in Manchester city. For many months Drick had run up debts of about £3 million in different Grosvenor casinos and hotels. Everyone knew Drick: he always said money is no problem, and every time he was asked to pay his bills Drick would say, “Put it on my books, man. Furthermore, do you know who I am? My name is Drick E Crawford and don’t forget that.” The term ‘put it on my books’ means when they place all your debts and store them for future payments.

They allowed him to run up a large bill because he had his own company. But now he had exceeded his limits.

That day, as Drick entered the Soames Casino, he was greeted by four security officers and a manager who walked up to him and escorted him to an office in the back of the casino. They told him to sit down. He became very afraid and was sweating, then he panicked and stated, “I know some significant people, and they will be furious if I am hurt.” This made the manager very angry. The manager then questioned Drick whether he would be able to a payment on his debts. He muttered, “Soon,” but that answer was not satisfactory for the manager. On the account of this, the manager declared, “You have two weeks to pay us,” then they took Drick’s picture and placed it on the casino’s computer’s suspending archives. Drick began to plead, saying that his diabetes was not allowing him to make plenty of money because he was in hospital for weeks, and a company called Fibo Ltd owed him some money. He explained that as soon as he received the money, all his debts would be paid. The manager said, “I will be suspending you from our casinos and hotels.”

Then the manager and the four security officers escorted Drick out of Grosvenor Casino. As Drick was leaving, the manager explained to him:

“When you complete payment of your debts, you will be allowed back into the casinos.” On account of this, he was forced to cancel his gambling trip and return to London. Drick returned to his family who had no idea about his gambling habits. When his wife inquired how was his business trip, he responded, “It was busy and I had to sign many music contracts in Manchester.” He was CEO of his company, which was called Drickbo Ltd, and they were a large music video company based in Wembley.

A few weeks went by, then Drick got a call from the Scotland Yard Police Fraudsters Department. A Detective Inspector named Earl Killhill called his home and left a message on his answering machine, saying he would like to speak to Mr. Drick E Crawford. Mr Killhill explained that he would like to make an appointment to meet him.

Later that day he got another call from a man with a Russian accent: he stated his name was Radovan Bloodmic, and he also left a message on the answering machine, asking Drick to contact him as soon as possible, because he worked for the Russian debt collecting agency.

Mr. Bloodmic explained in the message that he would be flying into the country to see him, because the debt had been bought from Soames Casino by the Russian debt collection agency which is owned by the Russian mafia. Radovan mentioned on the phone that a collectors fee of £2 million would be added to the £3 million. So Drick now owed £5 million in debt to the Russian debt collection agency, and not Soames Casinos.

Because of the large amount of money that was to be collected, that is the reason why they chose Radovan Bloodmic, a former KGB general-turned Russian debt collector. He stated he was paid a very large sum of money to fly in from Russia to collect the debt that was bought by his bosses’ company. When Drick got home he listened to his answering machine messages, but he was not aware of the drastic way his life was about to change.

So Mr Bloodmic arrived and went directly to the casino to get Drick’s details. On the 2nd go July, Drick awoke early at about 6:30 and began to do his exercises; then he helped his wife get their son ready for school. He made his breakfast for his family and was mowing the lawns before he left for work.

The phone rang at about 7:45. Drick turned and ran into the house. As he picked up the phone, his face turned pale immediately because a voice in a Russian accent said, “Is this Mr. Drick E Crawford?”

Drick replied, “Yes and who are you?

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