The Motive Behind ‘Why Me?’ blog by Sharon-Ann Phillips

Although not accepting the fact, when the doctors tell you you only have a life expectancy of 6 months there’s something to be said about an urgency to get your life in order; after all, it made me realise just how short life is. Write my will, check! Life insurance policy in order, check! Decant clothes and wardrobes, check! Talk and share!

I had experienced many losses in my life, including both my parents and was adamant that I would leave my children a snippet of my upbringing, history and how I had overcome the sicknesses, together with hope and inspiration for all those that faced devastation through cancer or serious diseases.

‘Why Me?’ my fight for life from heartbreak to hope, was birthed; “A Memoir: Impacted by a series of devastating events, Sharon-Ann takes you on a heartfelt journey…” Marie, my elderly neighbour, was the first person who begged the question, “How could one person experience so much loss in such a short period of time and still have such faith?” A fair question frequently echoed by others, one that constantly resounded in my mind.

My sister, angry at my situation, with tear-filled eyes and broken-heart, constantly asked, “Why you?” From those questions, came my story that tells how love, determination and belief can guide and help you through your world, even when all you see is darkness, sickness and death.

Once I had completed my manuscript, delving into the vast world of publishers was the next feat. Having received an offer from one publishing house, with tiring negotiations, I was not happy with the final percentages for royalties, I felt as if my book no longer belonged to me. My subsequent extensive and in-depth research, together with a personal recommendation led me to collaborate with Brown Dog books, a self-publishing partnership. Within three months of working with Frances, I received my finished copy of ‘Why Me?’ I became an author of my first book; thanks to the Self-Publishing Partnership. They made the journey of publishing stress-free and I look forward to publishing my next novel with them.

Sharon-Ann Phillips

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