“Auspicious Thoughts, Propitious Mind” by Richard Camden

I wanted to write what I hoped would be viewed as common sense, rather than anything doctrinaire. My guiding light in this approach was the notional man on the Clapham Omnibus; with his valued and rated common sense as used by the Law Courts. In my career of 35 years as a practising veterinary surgeon I faced many different attitudes and expectations from the public and my staff; not at all easy to accommodate or fulfil. I have enjoyed learning about powerful characters in modern history. For me it’s much about the personalities, why people do what they do, and say what they say. And I wanted to promote a new understanding to counter the common belief that there is a force for evil operating in many of us. My purpose in writing Auspicious Thoughts, Propitious Mind is to try to dispel any such belief.

Since the period of 20 plus years of my hand-writing my scripts, it has now taken three years setting the words into digital format and setting the text and chapters into an order. Once done, I researched using the ‘Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook’ and then composed my ‘Book Proposal’, as is suggested. It was not easy deciding the genre to my book, because in reality it is a mixed genre. It was a short steep curve discovering the natural course for my book was to turn to self-publishing and the websites of self-publishing companies. I discovered SPP who are based in Bath, and from their first friendly and business-like phone call, late on a Friday afternoon, I reckoned this was the firm I would like to do business with, but it was nearly another year before I was finally ready, or so I thought.

The SPP editorial staff were all very professional, polite and thorough, even though proofreading 210,000 words must have been quite a task. What impressed me and delighted me were all their chosen recommendations such as the size of the book, the fonts, the type of paper and the layout of the pages. The designers of the cover cleverly interacted with me and soon came up with the result that was brilliant, immediately appealing to me, and so hopefully to others. I was relieved and pleased to have found a professional and experienced firm to advise how to get the book to look and feel right. When I offered the volumes of Auspicious Thoughts, Propitious Mind to privately run bookshops in my area, they have all been impressed.

Marketing my book was something I hadn’t considered at all while writing and editing the proofs. Fortunately there is assistance to hand, and I have asked Kris Barnes, proprietor of Authoramp for help. He is working hard for me in this first period since publication. I have also been busy designing a website for my book – rmcamden.com – and am making posts on Facebook and Twitter, asking my friends and family to tick lots of ‘Likes’.

It had become my hope and anxious expectation that upon its receipt, my book would be a book that I would enjoy holding and feeling its weight, and I could admire the gloss of the cover, approve the touch of the pages and the print layout. It was like holding and appreciating any work of art that cries out to be touched, held in the hand and placed on a shelf and admired. I hope it will be some time before I see my book in a Church Jumble Sale.

By Richard Camden

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