An Interview with Anita Foreman

An Interview with Anita Foreman

We spoke to Anita Foreman, author of ‘Diaries of a Lady’ to find out more about her self-publishing journey. After the publication of her second book, ‘Diaries of a Lady: Back in England’, we ask what draws her to writing within this genre, her inspiration and how easy she found the self-publishing for the second time.

‘Diaries of a Lady: Back in England’ as described by Anita, is ‘a continuation on from the first book’. This second story follows Anna’s return in late 1936, whereby she is reunited with her husband, parents, sister and brother-in-law, and tries to settle into village life again. When, at the beginning of another war, she is separated again from her loved ones, Anna becomes increasingly resourceful and at the end of the war, a final twist takes her story full circle. 

We asked what motivated Anita to write this second book, to which she replied, ‘I had researched the events of the time [it was set in] and put them in with [Anna’s] life and reactions’. This was able to create and inform a new story and continue the life of the main character, Anna. Anita describes that her biggest inspiration to writing this second book was Anna’s character, where by ‘she fell out of place and, in the first book, was held back as she was a ‘lady’, so her time in Canada was an apprenticeship of how she could be a lady but still help others’. This character development was something that was very important to Anita to follow through to the second book.

Anita went on to describe that it was very easy to write the second book, having more confidence in researching the events of time, whilst already knowing the background of what life was like, and the characters themselves. The author explained that she researched the events again and again to try to be as authentic as possible.

We then asked the author what drew her to the wartime fiction genre. Her reply explained that it is the events and actions during this time which are most interesting. Anita said, ‘I have always written stories since I was a little girl, having a vivid imagination, but the era has interested me, and the people caught up in the events over the ten years and actions involved’. Writing the ‘Diaries of a Lady’ books allowed her interests to develop and explore these events further and on a personal level.

Curiously, we asked if there may be another book on the horizon, to which the author replied, ‘there might be another book on the horizon, from Sara’s Uncle Phillip’, but it was clear that this was not in the picture just yet.

We then moved on to ask about her self-publishing journey. Anita described that she first self-published due to the expense of a more traditional route. She explained, ‘I had tried to get another book published 30 years ago, but they wanted some money to help with the publishing which I could not afford’. Self-publishing was a more realistic option for the author, which we were happy to help with. 

The easiest step of self-publishing for Anita was the ease of the process, as she explained, everything was set out and clear to her what would be involved. The hardest part of the process, she thought, was the selling of the book, wary of what audiences might think of a new writer and unsure of how to approach sales.

However, when asked what response she has had of the book and from readers, Anita explains that, ‘there have been two ladies, one who was a teacher who enjoyed reading it and gave me feedback, and she has kindly agreed to put a review online, where the books are being sold.’

It was great to speak to Anita about her book. It gave us a wonderful insight into the importance of the characters and story to the author and we look forward to finding out what may happen next.

‘Diaries of a Lady: Back in England’ is available now on Amazon.

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