The Adventurous Young Rascals of Rosignol

The Adventurous Young Rascals of Rosignol

An exciting story of childhood, by Johnny L. Zainul.

In the small, poor, but close- knit village of Rosignol, on the West Bank of the Berbice River in Guyana, resided a group of boys who lived life to the full. 

Fearless, adventurous and courageous, these boys carved their childhoods out of escapades and near-misses. They called themselves “The Rivals”. 

This beautifully written book tells of The Rivals’ extraordinary adventures. 

From stealing fruit and bush-cooking to jumping off branches into water, follow these rascals as they experience life through their vivid imaginations and exceptional dares, forming unbreakable bonds and sincere friendships.

The Adventurous Young Rascals of Rosignol is available now on Amazon.

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