My Self-Publishing Story, by Brian Cooper.

My Self-Publishing Story, by Brian Cooper.

Hi. My name is Brian Cooper and I am the self-published author of A Green Penguin.

This is a story written for my grandson about pollution. Before you stop reading, it’s a funny story of how a talking penguin helps a youngster understand the dangers of plastics in our seas. 

But how do write about such a topic without being too serious? 

This was the problem I faced until my grandson told me that penguins were his favourite animal. Then, I had to figure out how to involve the penguin at the seaside. 

All these problems made the writing a challenge. Not an impossible one, but one that got the grey matter ticking over. At seventy-one it was a bit of a challenge, but fun at the same time. Imagination is a great weapon. 

The story was eventually finished and my wife asked me what I was going to do with it ? I had given it no thought other than read it to the grandchildren. This is when my wife said I should get it published. I felt foolish at this suggestion but, none-the-less, went ahead and made contact with SSP. 

That made all the difference. I found encouragement and belief from all the staff I was involved with. I had help with the grammar and punctuation, the illustration for the cover, everything. The best thing was that I was in charge throughout the process and this gave me a lot of confidence in my story. 

If you have a story but share the self-doubt I did, then doubt no more. Go for it! You may never write a better story or worse still, never write again.

The Green Penguin is available now on Amazon.

‘We all make rubbish. What we do with it is very important. We can get rid of it properly or we can leave it lying around. Leaving it lying around is what’s causing a big problem and harming us, our wildlife and our planet. Some people have taken the challenge to clear up this rubbish to make the world a cleaner safer place for us all. This is a humorous story about two friends who do just that.’

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