'Sardaron', by Anna Pattle

‘Sardaron’, by Anna Pattle

The story of two sisters and one chance of survival…

‘We are forced to fight a war with no cause and no escape. A war that leaves no victors, and no survivors; one which breeds hatred where love should spark.’ 

After they are forced to pay retribution for their father’s deal with a dark god, twins Kai and Amber are abducted from the security of the English countryside into new warring worlds of Near and Zio. Confused and alone, they struggle to cope with their bizarre new position and the people they meet along the way. 

In a realm where death fuels Sardaron’s corruption, a curse that he created forces the armies of the two worlds to endlessly battle one another. The war has gone on for as long as time itself, but the twins may have discovered a way to halt it. Kai becomes convinced that defeating Sardaron is the only way to save them, and the teenage heroines are willing to risk everything to break his curse – even if it means going against this new world which is now their only home. 

Their crusade is raging with action, tragedy and suspense as their journey unfolds. Their father’s mistake has cost them their freedom – but can they save their people’s?

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