Michael Hutchins discusses his new ghost story

Michael Hutchins discusses his new ghost story

Guest blogger and SPP author, Michael Hutchins discusses the story behind his new ghost story, Morgwel Hall

I normally write historical novels and the idea for this rendition came to me at the oddest hour: Four O’clock in the morning I was lying awake, as is quite often the case, when I formulated the basis for my ghost story.

I explained to my wife that I was going downstairs to make some notes on the computer but instead began writing. Shortly she appeared joining me and started to bake! My work space is in a room that forms part of the kitchen.

I am not sure where the inspiration came from but I believe that sometimes I possibly have been dreaming as this is not the first time I have been creative in the early hours. I used Cornwall for the setting as my wife and I love the County and always holiday there and could picture places in my mind as I wrote.

I simply love writing and always immerse myself in the characters and write as though I am there which I believe brings alive my prose.

I decided to self-publish as I believe I do tell a cracking good story and wanted to share my ability and imagination with others. I can’t thank SPP enough who, throughout the process, have been most helpful and professional: I would not hesitate to recommend any budding authors to use them.

Scarred both physically and mentally from the horrors of WWI, specifically Passchendaele, the third battle of Ypres, Captain Williamson decides to make a new life for himself in Cornwall and ‘escape the real world’. On his first viewing of Morgwel Hall manor house he sees a young girl dancing on the battlements of the adjacent ruined castle but she simply disappears. Is she real, a spirit, or a figment of his tormented mind? His quest to find her, and unravel the tragic story behind the wall, twists and turns before reaching a thought provoking conclusion. Using the stunning Cornish coast and county, as a backdrop, Morgwel Hall will keep you guessing to the very end and stretch your imagination to the full.

Morgwel Hall is available now on Amazon here.

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