Behind the story of The Turning Point

Behind the story of The Turning Point

SPP author, Alan Somerville discusses his self-publishing journey, writing a novel and the success of his book.

What makes a writer? Is it the talent to have hundreds of books published like James Patterson, the ability to write a top class comedy programme that would run for many years – like Roy Clarke and Last of the Summer Wine. Maybe it is to be a great poet and be in the running for the next Poet Laureate?

I started writing when I was quite young. In fact at school I would get ideas and scribble them anywhere like once I got a comment from a form master who said ‘I quite enjoyed your story but in future please do not write on the back of your exam papers’.

I have been with the FWC (Frome Writers Collective) for about three years or so and have enjoyed every moment of it. My main fault is that I have a butterfly mind and the short story is my favourite field but I can be writing one story and get an idea for another which is why I have several portfolios at home with at least 400 short stories of all genres in them.

But to get to the point. My main love is the short story and to this extent I set about getting a book of short stories with a twist in the tale. I approached Silver Crow with a large volume of stories and they read them over and told me which they thought were the best.

Then I was given the option of Self Publishing my book. There were a selection of companies who carried this out, and I chose the one who was closest to me, The Self-Publishing Partnership, in Bath. The whole process was stress free and so I thank them for that. I now have a book of short stories out called The Turning Point.

The title was decided on after some musings. It really means that you go along expecting something to happen and it doesn’t. Hopefully these stories will surprise you or amuse you and in one case bring a tear to the eye.

I am now at the stage of launching my book and hope to get a number of people interested. One person has already said to me ‘Is there a volume 2?’

The Turning Point is available now on Amazon here.

Behind the story of The Turning Point
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