Harry's Gang by Sina Graham

Harry’s Gang by Sina Graham

A new, entertaining novel all about unusual animal antics Sina has encountered and loved.

Sina Graham used to write short stories for colleagues to read to their children at bedtime and was asked to write something longer, so Harry’s Gang was born. 

Most of this delightful story is about the antics of pets Sina has shared her home with, even the more unusual ones! 

It is published in aid of a charity called Charlie’s Old Codgers Foundation, which takes in pets belonging to people who are entering Care Home or Hospice, or to injured MOD Service Personnel.

‘Charlie’s Old Codgers Animal Foundation was started in memory of Charlie the World’s Oldest Cat, who past away in 2011.

This charity is dedicated to caring for animals when their owners no longer can. Usually this is due to the owners moving into nursing homes or hospices, and are unable to take their beloved pets with them.’

To donate to the charity, or find out more, head to the Charlie’s Old Codgers Animal Foundation website here.

Harry’s Gang is available to pre-order now on Amazon.

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