Through Fire, Shot and Shell

Through Fire, Shot and Shell

Through Fire, Shot and Shell is the new book from author, Romy Wyth, the latest instalment in his trilogy.

This book of soldiers’ stories takes us from the trenches of France and Flanders, to the training camps of Salisbury Plain, then onto the Normandy beaches and beyond, to the stifling deserts of the Middle East, to Mesopotamia, Abyssinia, Palestine and Egypt. 

Finally, to one soldier’s baptism of fire on the hostile streets of Northern Ireland, to Berlin during the Cold War and to the inhospitable Falkland Islands.

Through Fire, Shot and Shell is the third book in a trilogy that began with Over the Hills and Far Away and continued with Over the Hills and O’er the Main.

Through Fire, Shot and Shell is available to pre-order on Amazon now, and will be released on December 17th 2018. 

Over the Hills and Far Away and Over the Hills and O’er the Main are both available now, and are the first two books in the trilogy. 

Over the Hills and O’er the Main tells stories of great courage and endurance through seven conflicts and across twenty countries. The action takes place in Asia, Europe, North Africa, the South Atlantic and Scandinavia, as well as the Middle and Far East. It takes the reader onto the battlefield, across the sea and into occupied territories. Each chapter is focused on an individual, offering a fascinating insight into a brief period of time when life was precarious and the future uncertain.

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