One Head, Many Hats

One Head, Many Hats

One Head Many Hats is the life story of Robert D Brewer…

One Head Many Hats, written by Robert D Brewer is a remarkable life story, by a man who has served our country, fashioning an array of hats whilst doing so…

One Head Many Hats is my life story. 

Despite a difficult start, when my life could have taken an entirely different direction, a combination of luck, grit and determination has resulted in a full and exciting journey from growing up in West London in the 60s through a number of careers in the army, the police, the immigration service and as a film and TV extra. 

The book chronicles a wide range of exploits during my army career, serving in Germany, Belize, Gibraltar and on active service in Northern Ireland, as well as nearly 19 years in the police force. From working on shift to protecting the Queen Mother, Prince William, Prince Harry, Tony Blair and others, from the armed protection group to the intelligence service, and including many anecdotes of some of my amusing and not so amusing experiences, it is entirely factual, though some names have been changed. 

I hope you enjoy it.

Available now on Amazon.

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