Made In Bath

Made In Bath

A collection of creative artworks from artists. makers and designers in and around Bath.

Made in Bath celebrates the dynamic spirit of Bath-based makers by sharing the stories of 18 modern-day creatives, craftspeople, engineers and innovators. 

It reveals an intriguing snapshot of some of the diverse creative activities that take place in this heritage city. 

It s an investigation into the nature of making things; an exploration into the inspirations and processes of different talented makers people who all share a philosophy of doing things well. 

The book was conceived and designed by Bath-based brand and design agency Mytton Williams and produced by Opal Print.

Mytton Williams describes that ‘Made in Bath is a snapshot of Bath as it is now – not just a UNESCO-listed heritage site, but a hotbed of ideas and ceaseless energy, with a culture of creativity and craftsmanship. It is a book celebrating Bath-based makers who share a philosophy of doing things well, and take great pride in their work.’

Made in Bath is available now on Amazon, or find out more about it at\

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