The Luck Of Losing The Toss

The Luck Of Losing The Toss – My Stunt Career in the Movies and TV

Frank Henson shares his stunt career in the film and television, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond and The Sweeney.

Frank Henson grew up in poverty on the Whitehawk estate in Brighton. He didn’t know his father and got into trouble at an early age. 

In the swinging sixties he became a paratrooper, then a hairdresser and a racing driver. Chance encounters led to work as a film extra, then as a stunt performer on some of the major films of the day. 

He had found his calling. 

Fifty years later he reflects on a life in the movies and on TV, as one of Britain’s best-loved stunt performers. 

Here he describes his early life and his route into working on some of the most successful films of all time, including Return fo the Jedi and Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. He’s also worked with some of cinema’s biggest stars including John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and Pierce Brosnan. ‘The Luck of Losing the Toss’ contains photos from Frank’s private collection, published here for the first time.

Today Frank lives on his farm in Sussex and still makes the odd cameo appearance as a stunt performer in films.

The Luck of Losing the Toss is available to buy now on Amazon here.

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