Palestine Diaries Of A Polish Schoolgirl

Palestine Diaries Of A Polish Schoolgirl

An account of one girl’s life from Palestine during World War Two. Written by Isabella Moore.

This book is a way to show how historical events shape, distort and sometimes destroy individual human lives. 

The first part of this book provides an insight into a privileged life in Kresy (Eastern Borderlands of pre-war Poland) and the fate of its deported inhabitants, including Irena (the author’s mother) at the time of the Second World War. 

The second, and main part of the book, contains Irena’s diaries from Palestine, written over a period of four years. In her frequent diary entries she tries to make sense of life events, of growing up in the exotic but alien environment of a military boarding school for girls in Nazareth, separated from her parents, who were involved in the war effort against Nazi Germany. 

These diaries have been pieced together by family members and memories of Isabella’s mother, and offer a remarkable insight into a bygone era of life inside and outside a unique military school. 

Isabella was inspired to write this story when she came across an old family photo of her grandparents, from Spring, 1928.

The book tells a story of a country where different nations, Arabs, Jews, English and Polish, coexisted peacefully under the hot Palestinian sun.

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