Lion's Eye: poetry and prose by Nancy Hine

Lion’s Eye: poetry and prose by Nancy Hine

This book is a narrative and expression of Hine’s life experiences. Some of it is dark, but the underlying message is peace and hope.

Nancy Hine was born in South Africa, but moved back to England when she was very young. She lived in the Middle East and Australia for a while and was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when she was 21 years old. She has a past history of a mental illness including psychosis and depression, which started when she was 19 and travelling in Australia. She spent some time in psychiatric hospitals in Australia and England. 

This book is a narrative and expression of her life experiences, with the underlying message of peace and hope. Below is an extract of the book, a poem called ‘Peace’.


Is a glassy rainbow

I feel it in my heart

We are warming

Thanking you the Children of tomorrow 

Thanking the ancient Mother

Who whispers Love into their hearts

The angel ancient mother we are all inside

Talking deeply into the canyons of love

We have for being

Only to play, bearing pain for one another

We are quietly wed with our lovers inside

Of the dancing rain

Breaking waves of kindness

To all that bleed with rivers in their eyes

All looking not to fear

The restful or the fiery inside

The smallest grace

To feel the morning fears

Upon the Sleeves of ours

Everywhere, where there are tiniest seeds

Of hope

Lion’s Eye is available now on Amazon.

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