6 reasons to self-publish your book

6 reasons to self-publish your book

As The Self-Publishing Partnership (SPP), we may be a bit biased on why we think there are many reasons to self-publish your work. However in recent years, self-publishing has become an established and credible way to publish a book.

There are many examples of self-published works that have enjoyed real commercial success. The rise of eBooks and eReaders have made self-publishing a preferred choice for some writers, with 1 in 3 eBooks sold on Amazon being self-published. There is now greater desirability of this method and the growing opportunities available.

But we realise there are all sorts of reasons for wanting to self-publish, and it’s not just for straight forward financial gain.

The team here at SPP all have extensive publishing experience, and we got thinking about the benefits of self-publishing, as opposed to the ‘traditional’ route.

Below are 6 reasons why we think you should self-publish your work.

1. Your story, your way

Mainstream publishers often try to influence the direction of a book, and copywriters can often ‘suggest’ edits that deviate from the original story or context. 

Self-publishing providers like us can help you stay true to your work. We have proof-reading and copy-editing services which will help to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, typos and spacing etc, as well as providing a fresh and professional look at the manuscript to make sure your text flows smoothly. 

By self-publishing your work, you can stay true to your original story without compromise.

2. Time and cost-saving

By self-publishing you can eliminate the lengthy production cycles of traditional publishers. You could effectively write, format and release your own book within a matter of weeks or months. With traditional publishers, it can sometimes take longer than a year to get approvals, edits, designs and proofs. 

Self-publishing can be quicker and easier to release your book, with the schedule clearly laid out for you and bespoke to your needs.

In addition, self-publishers like us can cater for your cost needs as well as your time needs. We take into account all aspects of the book, i.e. the extent of proofreading or copy-editing required, the cover design and page layout requirements, the size and format, whether it’s in colour or mono, and so on. So rather than offer a range of standard “packages”, we prefer to discuss particular requirements with the author, and then provide a specific quote.

3. Own your book

Traditional publishers often retain the rights to the book you release with them. By self-publishing, you will retain full ownership of the book copyright, so the book belongs to you, which is only fair after all the hard work you’ve put into it.

4. eBook publishing

As mentioned before,sales of e-books now account for a reasonable proportion of all books sold, so it is a good idea to self-publish in eBook format as well as in print form. Many self-publishing providers can help you turn your book into an eBook.

At SPP, we regard e-book formatting as a standard part of the publishing process, unless there is particular reason not to do it.Your book will be converted to both e-Pub and Mobi formats, making it compatible with all the main platforms, i.e. Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s i-Books, WH Smith’s Kobo, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, etc.

5. Bespoke design

Every step of the way, your ideas and needs are put first. From the design side of things, you get more input on how the book will look, both for the cover and internal designs.

Often with self-publishing, you or the designer can create something bespoke; either by incorporating and formatting artwork and images that you have supplied, or with a more extensive, specific design, which is sourced and styled accordingly. 

6. Share your passion

Self-publishing gives you the freedom and space to write and release your book for the love of a subject, or to show your passion for a particular story.

You may want to release a book for friends or family, or share your knowledge about a niche. Large publishers will only be interested in what sells and makes money. By self-publishing you can write about any subject, any story and share any passion you want. 

As you can see, there are obvious benefits to self-publishing. It has opened up a world of opportunities for all writers and has become a viable and sometimes appealing alternative to the traditional publishing route.
Through self-publishing, you are able to perfect your writing, build up a portfolio, expand your presence as a writer and become more successful in the future.

Feel free to add your own reasons to self-publish in the comments section below!

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